Why Manufacturing Connector®?

Since I value relationships and connections and consider them my #1 asset and I’m known in manufacturing circles, I’ve become known as a Manufacturing Connector®

This graphic depicts the way we think about projects. 

  • We start by taking the holistic view across the organization from human capital through the full scope of business processes (from creation to customer) to the bottom line, and we identify the select few priorities that accelerate progress and enable scalable, profitable growth.
  • Next, we determine the best combination of priorities and areas of focus out of the 1000’s of priorities across every project team, department and collaboration partner.
  • Finally, we partner with our clients as a consultant, advisor or mentor to ensure bottom line business results follow

Manufacturing Connector

This Manufacturing Connector® also appeals to me because I’m passionate about connecting….

  • Peers
  • Leaders
  • Employees
  • Board members
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Friendly competitors
  • Trusted advisors
  • Trade associations
  • Colleges & universities
  • Economic development groups
  • Training and education resources
  • User groups and system resources

…. In order to create BOLD customer promises and profits and bottom line business results with happy customers and engaged employees.

To talk with us about how we can help your organization, contact us.