What is a Manufacturing Connector? (SM)

Manufacturing Connector

Manufacturing Connector

As a Manufacturing Connector(SM), I bring together all four of my service lines to partner with my clients to elevate business performance. It resonated with me immediately as it talks to what I’m passionate about and brings my unique expertise together under one brand:

  • Eagle Eye Assessment – rapidly assessing and identifying the “right”, select few critical priorities for business success
  • Next, continuing with Eagle Eye focus by targeting the right combination and cross-section of key topics (The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain) and connecting them with improvements in your people (Profit through People), processes and systems (the Systems Pragmatist) to expedite results.
  • Resulting in a dramatic return on investment – bottom line business results (enhanced service levels, accelerated cash flow and increased margins).

To delve into how the Manufacturing Connector(SM) works within each service line:

I see The Manufacturing Connector as connecting:

  • Strategy with execution — RESULTS
  • People with people
  • People with processes
  • Processes with systems & technology
  • Plans with financial outcomes
  • Strategy & plans with culture
  • Organizational development plans with outcomes
  • The right resources, expertise, processes and systems at the right time to not only rapidly resolve problems but to INNOVATE
  • Demand with supply and all functions in an organization with one plan (SIOP) to improve service, inventory turns & margins.
  • Customers, suppliers and supply chain partners
  • Knowledge and education in support of business and personal success
  • Trusted advisors to clients and colleagues to support business objectives
  • Down-the-line connections/ impacts with new thinking to AVOID potentially disastrous results (this hasn’t always been popular but it is invaluable!)
  • Saving the best for last… Communications appropriately and effectively – not an easy task!