Mergers & Acquisitions: Turning Around a Poorly Executed Merger


A middle-market manufacturer struggled to assimilate two recently acquired businesses and faced a financial crisis. We had to develop a viable business model that captured the leverage opportunities of the original synergies and a business plan to raise capital.

What We Did

Returned to the basics, people and process, and leveraged it into bottom line results:

  • Worked with a cross-functional team to identify the greatest leverage points to improve performance and then prioritized and developed action plans to address
  • Prioritized a return to operational fundamentals and tracked progress with a metrics dashboard
  • Established a new culture which assimilated the best of the merged cultures


  • Led turnaround effort that took the company from near bankruptcy and declining sales to stability, followed by rapid sales growth (30%) with significant EBITDA growth projected
  • Built a business plan that successfully gained investors
  • Launched a new product line with minimal capital investment to re-emerge with a position of strength with the customer base
  • Led the operational and supply chain turnaround, which resulted in more than double the inventory turns, improved operational efficiencies and service levels with reduced lead times

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