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A consummate professional

Lisa Anderson is a consummate professional who is a supply chain subject matter expert, exceptionally well connected and thoughtful in everything she does. Pragmatic and never losing sight of the big picture, Lisa is a problem solver using metrics and insights to address problems. Always a pleasure to work with always adding value to the conversation.

Chris Riley | Consumer Product Group Strategist & Operating Executive, PepsiCo

Implemented a SIOP/MPS process

Lisa Anderson’s impact on our business was positive in a quantitative and qualitative manner. She was able to partner with our internal team to implement a SIOP/MPS process where none previously existed. The results for the company were measured within about 6 months of the project starting. Further her professional demeanor, work ethic and expert knowledge immediately opened up positive relationships with our team. Additionally, Lisa was very responsive, always prepared and ready to make progress at every juncture. I am a big fan of the work Lisa does and can confirm she brings value to her clients.

Bob Ellithorpe | General Manager Aerospace Dynamics International

Helped us launch of a new ERP system for our company

Lisa was brought on as a consultant to assist in the compilation, selection and launch of a new ERP system for our company. Her in depth knowledge and years of experience proved to be very beneficial throughout the entire process. She was very professional, dependable and easy to work with. It brings me great pleasure to recommend Lisa Anderson!

Laura Salvatore-Goike | Director of Finance & Human Resources, QC Manufacturing

An Impact on ADI & Our Customers with SIOP

I am thankful for your expertise in guiding the SIOP team. You made an impact on ADI and ADI’s customers!

Bob Ellithorpe | General Manager, Aerospace Dynamics International (ADI), a PCC Company

Lisa’s Expertise Has Been an Inspiration

Lisa’s help, guidance and encouragement have allowed me to grow my own business. She is a trusted professional and I highly recommend her leadership!

Diane Garcia | Principal, Lorraine Consulting Inc.

Demonstrated Supply Chain Expertise

I had the privilege of attending the CEO Summit at the University of La Verne earlier this month and Lisa moderated a great panel on Leveraging your Supply Chain for Growth and Profitability. She assembled a great panel of cross functional experts who shared their expertise and insights into how critical the Supply Chain is in every aspects of today’s business environment. It was a great breakout session helping the small business CEO’s in attendance. Nice job Lisa!

Cindi Mullane | COO

Valuable Advice and Insights on Supply Chain & VMI Niche Market

Lisa provided valuable insight on the real-life considerations for implementing and using VMI software and services solutions. Her advice and feedback from her long history of providing consulting services to a variety of enterprises along the supply chain helped us get the knowledge and verification we needed for the VMI niche market.

Senior Associate | Client Firm

ERP Selection Results

We recently engaged Lisa to help us with a search for a new ERP system. She is well versed in the latest software packages and implementation strategies and was able to provide a well-informed recommendation to us. We were very pleased with her work and the outcome and would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

Douglas Roy | Director Finance, ESL Power Systems

Relevant, Engaging & the Audience Walked Away with Practical Tips

Lisa recently conducted a wonderful workshop for Brandman University and the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce focusing on principles of “The Amazon Effect”. The information was relevant, the data was engaging, and she gave practical tips for small business owners on how they can face today’s marketplace challenges. Thank you Lisa!

Nick Lacy | Director, Brandman University

Unraveling the Mystery of Inventory

Our American Society for Quality chapter routinely has black belt level improvement experts describe inventory as waste but rarely explain inventory. Lisa Anderson, President, LMA, provided a unique opportunity to do just that via a keynote presentation, “Inventory Accuracy Remains Core to Success”, a passionate, detailed analysis of inventory, successful auditing methods and its impact on the bottom line. As Program Chair of ASQ Palomar section I would highly recommend Lisa to provide your organization with a path to successful inventory management.

Michael Slavinski | President, L&M Machining Center

Simplifies the Complex

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Lisa Anderson over the last few months. Lisa has an uncommon ability to make complex topics very understandable and relevant to folks from across the spectrum of industries. She is full of fresh, new ideas and intriguing perspective based on data-driven trends that are taking place in the marketplace. Lisa is an outstanding and practical resource for any organization.

Scott Luton | Managing Partner, Talent Stream

Rare Combination of Big Picture and Detail

It has been my pleasure to get to know Lisa over the last two years. Lisa is very detailed oriented but with the ability to keep her eye on the “big picture”. Her knowledge and experience in all facets of supply chain management are exemplary. She always exceeds her clients expectations and delivers measurable, bottom line results.

Sara Cohen | Corporate Supply Chain Manager, PaperPak Industries

Excellent Writer on Change Management & Project Management

Lisa is an outstanding supply change management expert and project management author. I’ve been following her since I started reading her articles at ProjectTimes, she is a great writer, I specially love her articles on project leadership, talent, collaboration, growth, effective communication, …everything on professional skills required for project success. I know she is a highly demanded professional, but if you have the opportunity to work with her, you will be very fortunate. I highly recommend her.

Angel Berniz | Digital Transformation Manager, Minsait

Tailors Strategy to the Customer with Aggressive Yet Realistic Approach

Lisa’s professionalism, skill, experience and “down-to-earth” leadership is exactly what our company needed while we were selecting an ERP system and Implementer. Her wide range of operations experience added depth to our team especially when it came to defining our needs and plans. She is up to date on the latest software packages and implementation strategies. She is also a strong leader which was key for us as a start-up company with limited resources. She helped us develop an aggressive yet realistic approach and kept us on task. She listens well to her customer – there were a couple areas where we needed to fine tune the strategy and she offered solutions that were implemented quickly. I strongly recommend Lisa and her team.

Kirk Shockley | VP Operations, Enevate

Delivers Sustainable Results

Lisa is a highly experienced supply chain professional with a deep understanding of operations. I have worked with Lisa on multiple projects over the last several years where she has demonstrated her ability to maintain focus and deliver sustainable results.

Paul Hainsworth | President, Rhodin

Adds Value by Tying Supply Chain, ERP and Big Picture Together

Lisa was and is a true professional in not only ensuring that the Supply chain and its supporting ERP and properly integrated – but equally important – she sees the BIG PICTURE. I would highly recommend her for any executive opportunity where she can demonstrate her abilities to implement change and add value.

Michael Koeppel | President, Lakelet Acquisition Corporation

Determines What’s Relevant to Ensure Results

It was a pleasure to work with Lisa. Her work ethic, guidance and commitment to detail enabled our company to determine what was relevant in order to facilitate a first rate system upgrade.

Dan Vest | Co-owner, Midpoint Bearing

Knows What to Ask Which is the Same as Knowing What to Do

Lisa has more competence and value than can be described in a one-pass conversation. Lisa’s experience spans more than Supply Chain, her knowledge is deep and varied with projects over many industries and products. Lisa is a team player or leadership as necessary. She prefers to teach to self-sufficiency, asking more questions than the client knows to ask or can bring to bear, team building and skill assessments are an essential part of the dialog, intrinsically. Knowing what to ask is not the same as knowing what to do or how to do it; when collaboration and communications are key to you and your client success, Lisa is a partner.

Gerry Poe | Principal, Santa Clarita Consultants

Implements Improved Business Flows with Outstanding Results

Lisa has a way of looking a processes that is intuitive and methodical. She has the ability to stream line operations processes and implement improved business flows with outstanding results.

Anne Pollard | Supply Chain Manager, Castle Metals Aerospace

Able to Simplify Complex Issues & Develop Workable Solutions

Lisa and I worked together on Supply Chain issues affecting 16 facilities throughout the US and Canada. She has the ability to see the simple components of complex issues and apply her wealth of experience toward workable day-to-day solutions that fit her clients’ needs. Lisa has process discipline, and the vision to alter a plan when needed. I recommend Lisa and would work with her again.

Arthur Roux | IS Manager, CR Laurence

Speaker of Substance and Value

I just received and read through a monthly newsletter distributed by Lisa and her Consulting Group. It reminded me to write a note recommending her professionally. Lisa has been kind enough enough to accept invitations to speak at Seminar 1. She provided her audience with information they could take back – to improve operations at the workplace. I do recommend Lisa as a class “A” speaker of substance and value. Further, I recommend a visit to her profile – and by all means, ask to get on the distribution list of her newsletter.

Michael Walsh | President, QSG Lean Six Sigma Associates

Presentations Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise with Engaging Style

I am proud to recommend Lisa for work as a consultant and corporate trainer. My experience with Lisa includes activities for the APICS Association, speaking engagements at conferences, and collaborating on the development of presentations. Her presentations demonstrate both subject matter expertise and an engaging style.

Michael Ford | Principal, TQM Works Consulting

Freed up Cash Flow & Improved Inventory Accuracy

Lisa is an expert in business processes – not only is she adept at finding hidden opportunities for improvement but she also excels in implementing the business process changes throughout the organization and delivering bottom line results. My Supply Chain team enjoyed working with Lisa, and we achieved significant results – freed up cash flow through inventory reduction and improved inventory accuracy while successfully implementing/ passing our first year Sarbanes-Oxley audit.

Jill Miller | Director of Supply Chain, Castle Metals Aerospace/span>

Sees Impediments to Implementation and Their Solutions Ahead of the Experts

Lisa is an excellent implementer. She is able to see both the big picture and the details. She can see impediments and their solutions months ahead of the experts.

Vicki Jeter | Director of IT, International Aluminum

ERP Turnaround Vital to Success

Lisa combined a unique combination of big-picture perspective, with hands-on ability to implement change vital to the function of our enterprise. Under her guidance we have gone from a system of manual work-a-rounds, to the implementation of a major integrated planning, purchasing and inventory system and process utilizing Oracle tools including Workbench and ASCP.

Sheila Peyraud | Vice President, Donaldson

Far Beyond Supply Chain SME

Her expertise is extremely well-rounded and her involvement extended far beyond supply chain SME. With hands-on involvement, she educated, coached, and motivated first line supervision, assisted with recruiting and staffing upgrades, and provided germane progress reports for senior management. Lisa was open to our evolving needs and flexible with milestones and deliverables. Her patience in grappling with deep-seated systemic and cultural issues was invaluable. She acted simultaneously as change agent and sponsor and when necessary, reminded us of the basics: “plan the work; work the plan.”

Kelly Ford | General Manager, Esterline Mason

The Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain

I have worked with Lisa over the past 10 years in several capacities; as a colleague, a mentor, and more recently as a customer utilizing her consulting services. Lisa is an extremely intelligent, hard-working individual with a great problem solving ability; coupled with innovative and creative thinking related to many areas and aspects of the product supply chain she has a unique ability to resolve complex issues. I would not hesitate to recommend her and would solicit her advice and input for issues arising in the future. Lisa is a true professional, in all aspects of the word.

Rich Beu | President, PPI

Successfully Untangled Operational Bottlenecks

I worked with Lisa at Esterline’s Mason Electric division for about 5 months. During that time her input was critical in determining the path forward for operational improvement. She was very easy to work with and is an expert at untangling difficult scheduling challenges. She is driven for success and helped us resolve some signficant challenges in the machine shop at Mason. I would highly recommend working with her.

Dan McFeeley | General Manager, Esterline Mason

Eagle Eye Strategic Focus

In terms of every element of operations and systems, Lisa was instrumental in getting us on the right path and moving forward. She is relentless about finding the right solution, the best way of providing solutions, and then continuously improving them, and it does not have to be her initial idea!

Mike Brown | CEO, PaperPak

Brings Teams Together for Success

Lisa consulted with my company on projects in supply chain improvement and organizational improvement. In all cases she contributed in several valuable ways; her vision of the goal was crystal clear and well articulated to the team, as a project manager Lisa was disciplined and organized, she kept all projects moving forward through many challenges. Lisa demonstrated the ability to work across organizational lines to bring people together and bring significant projects to fruition. I recommend Lisa Anderson for your most difficult assignments in operations and organizational improvement.

Jim Cenname | President, International Aluminum

ERP Selection Success

It was a pleasure to work with Lisa. Her work ethic, guidance and commitment to detail enabled our company to determine what was relevant in order to facilitate a first rate system upgrade.

CC Vest | Co-owner, Midpoint Bearing

Thinking Several Steps Ahead

Lisa worked as a consultant for Transtar Metals/Castle Metals Aerospace for over four years. She worked on projects as varied as inventory planning and control, operations, management team integration and systems implementation. In each area of responsibility I found her to be extremely thorough in her approach. She has the ability to think several steps ahead on a project and brings a wealth of experience to project management. Lisa is a creative thinker and presents several options and courses of action. However, she also presents problem solving recommendations and solutions to complex issues. Her ability to address complex issues systematically is a great strength. Lisa worked well with our team and became an integral part of our company. She developed and enhanced the skills of others. She is an expert facilitator as well which enhances her value on any project.

Mike Zundel | President, Transtar Metals

Valued Supply Chain Technology Guest Lecturer

Lisa Anderson is a supply chain logistics pro. She generously offered to discuss supply chain information technologies with students in my Principles of Logistics class at Norco College. Lisa both made observations about the topic based on her personal experience, and responded to questions with direct language understandable by my most inexperienced students. Observing Lisa Anderson in the classroom, it was readily apparent she is both an highly experienced in supply chain logistics, but also remains very practical at heart.

Rex Beck | Professor, Logistics Management Norco College

Delivered Great Take-Aways in Person & Print

I enjoyed your APICS 2013 presentation so much that I purchased a copy of your book

Phillip Van Dusen | CFO, Southeast Modular

Partner for Results

Lisa was an integral part of my team at Transtar Metals which had operational responsibility for all domestic business. In addition to her expertise in production, process, operational and inventory controls, she also had superb project management skills and did excellent work on SOX, Oracle and facilities issues. In my 42 years in the business, Lisa is one of the most professional, dedicated and brightest people I have every worked with. I would not hesitate to ask her to be part of my team again and in fact she would be one of the few people that I would be honored to be asked to be part of their team.

Jack Middlebrooks | Executive VP, Transtar Metals

Expertise and Pragmatic Advice

Great job today! Your presentation is very relevant.

Frank Garica | Institute of Management Accountants

Program Management Success

I had the opportunity to attend Lisa’s talk on Keys to Program Management Success and found that to be of great value. The real-life examples she provided on how to resolve practical issues using an integrated approach of people (communication) and processes (systems) helped me understand the importance of applying program management principles to problem solving.

Rekha Raman | Marketing Communications Manager, LitePoint Corporation

Customer Service: Going The Extra Mile

Lisa, the owner and operator of LMA Consulting Group Inc. is the epitome of professionalism and knowledge. She has years of business consulting experience under her belt, but in just speaking with her you get a clear sense of her conviction, scope of understanding and willingness to go the extra mile. You cannot go wrong with Lisa.

Tammi Brannan | Principal, Professional recommendation

Bottom Line Results

I can recommend Lisa as a highly skilled supply chain professional. She has done terrific work for our company and brought real results to the bottom line. She also works well with people and demonstrates exceptional influence leadership on any project she undertakes.

Jolene Myers | CFO, Transtar Metals

Actionable Expertise

I very much enjoyed your presentation. The key points you made are so applicable to our current environment and to my company specifically.

Josie Vigil | Director Supply Chain, B. Braun Medical Inc.

Integral to Company SuccessI

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Transtar Metals Corp (AM Castle). Lisa and I worked together on a number of operational and administrative activities and projects. Lisa was integral to the company successes by using her excellent communication and negotiation skills. Some of those company successes include: increasing inventory turns which increased cash flow, standardization of inventory procedures which enabled first year implementation of SOX, increased customer satisfaction through JIT inventory control, optimizing inventory mix through the execution of inventory analysis and staffing, and the transition of inventory processes to Oracle (ERP system). Lisa has a broad based knowledge of domestic and international business and took on many specialized projects requiring the cooperation of other people and disciplines. How nice to work with someone that can respectfully challenge the creative thought process and at the same time enable individual knowledge expansion. Thank you Lisa and I hope we can work together again. To the reader: you can only benefit from working with Lisa. I would be delighted to talk to you directly and can be reached through

K Means | Controller, Transtar Metals

Smart Solutions for Complex Issues

Lisa is an incredibly focused business professional. I have had the pleasure of working with her during complex company mergers and the start up of my own business. She takes the time to analyze the issues and find smart solutions that work well across organizational lines.

Ann Tatoian | Principal, ATNV

Engaging Presenter

Simply an excellent presentation – bullets, concise, informative.

John Aguilar | Business Analyst, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co

Reduced Inventory; Increased Results

Lisa provided consulting services in the areas of Inventory Control and Reduction for United States Aluminum. During her time she assisted our facility in dramatically and strategically reducing inventory in key areas while not affecting delivery to customers which was a monumental task. Her detailed knowledge of HFA was also a great benefit and assisted us in implementing a system of checks and balances to ensure inventory accuracy. I highly recommend Lisa for and Inventory or HFA related projects and ensure you she is top notch in her field. I hope to work with Lisa again in the future.

Todd Stanton | Supply Chain Manager, US Aluminum

Systems Pragmatist with Breadth of Knowledge

Of all the users I’ve worked with in the past 10 years as a systems application programmer and consultant, Lisa is the top one. I worked with Lisa on Logistics and Supply Chain projects during my five-year tenure with PaperPak Products, and Lisa has an incredible knowledge of the business and picks up concepts quickly. The project wouldn’t have gone smoothly without her.

Vickie Chin | Senior Programmer/ Analyst, International Aluminum

Gives Back to APICS Students

Lisa created the APICS Southwest District Student Case Competition for 2009 while I oversaw the entire competition. I asked Lisa to provide an anonymous company problem for our 40 Supply Chain students to solve, and she provided a very interesting Inventory problem. It showed the depth of her knowledge as it was based on a real company that she had worked at previously. Students were given 3 hours to ask detailed questions of Lisa, our case expert. She was able to provide them with clear answers in a brief, but thorough way. She not only created the problem, but also presented it admirably to the students and had also prepared the actual solution that the company had used – all the while maintaining the privacy of the company by omitting certain details (including co. name). She was a delight to work with, and met all the deadlines that we had set for the competition and her part of it. Thank you Lisa, for a great job!

Ellen Kane | Executive Council, APICS-Southwest District

Respected and Trusted Business Partner

Lisa, it is easy to write an outstanding recommendation for you. You earned respect and trust by consistently leading by example in, work ethic, meeting goals, objectives, time lines, and skill development. You were instrumental in creating a strong team from a diverse group of people. You were supportive of career development and personal development of all your reports. You took on every challenge requested of you from determining budget cuts to volunteering to be in the Dunk Tank on a cold day for the company picnic!

Bill Weber | Director of Purchasing, PaperPak

Saved Millions with Improved Processes

I worked for Lisa for more than 4 years at PaperPak and came to deeply respect and admire her work ethic and tenacity in managing the manufacturing and engineering arms of a business that was undergoing great deal of change and turmoil. I believe she is one of the primary reasons that PaperPak is a thriving business at this time and if not for her hard work and dedication working as a key link between the financial owners and the manufacturing sites PaperPak would have gone the way of chapter 7. One of her strongest skill sets in the area of manufacturing process flow management and product distribution and same millions of dollars modifying process and operational practices which were loaded with inefficiencies. Keith White Engineering Technology Leader Procter and Gamble Tambrands, Auburn, ME.

Keith White | Director of R&D, Procter and Gamble

Customer Collaboration Yields Award

Lisa is a knowledgeable and skilled Supply Chain professional. As part of the executive team at PaperPak she successfully led numerous initiatives that reduced inventories while improving service levels so effectively that we won “Vendor of the Year” honors from our largest customer. She is a true team player with great focus and tenacity, who goes out of her way to mentor the people around her. I have been fortunate to work with Lisa at PaperPak and subsequently with her Consulting firm.

Paul Dearing | Director of IT, PaperPak

Proven Leadership that Exceeds Goals

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa for many years. I’ve held several positions under Lisa’s leadership, including Production Planner, Transportation Manager and Supply Chain Manager. She facilitated the reduction of inventory levels while increasing/maintaining/improving customer service levels. Her leadership skills helped us achieve and many times over exceed these goals. She has been a great mentor, and it would be a privilege to work for Lisa again and gain more of her knowledge and leadership skills.

Liz Cruz | Director of Supply Chain, PaperPak

Tireless, Results-Oriented Expert

I found Lisa to be committed and competent; results oriented and tireless in pursuit of the optimum solution for the near and long term objectives of daily challenges. I watched as she actively broadened her knowledge and experience in the total Supply Chain. I took pride in following her career as she took the same aggressive approach expanding her grasp of effective and efficient Supply Chain Solutions. Her success has been a great satisfaction for me. If you choose to work with Lisa you will find her to be process focused and results oriented. She is dedicated to the elimination of waste and understands that more is not necessarily better. Lisa will deliver what she promises.

Marge Wickens | Warehouse & Transportation Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Empower People to Save over $2 million

As VP of Product Supply at PaperPak Products, Lisa Anderson led her team to achieve annual savings of over $2 million through new product initiatives, inventory reductions and freight savings. These savings were achieved due to her personal technical skills, systematic approach to problem solving and her ability to empower individuals and teams to deliver timely results.

Debra Daniels | Director of HR, PaperPak

Easy-to-Understand and Straight-to-the-Point

Lisa Anderson has spoken for Prescient on many occasions… Lisa has been very impressive in her speaking engagements on our behalf. She speaks with confidence and authority, which comes from in-depth knowledge of vendor-managed inventory and its role in the supply chain. In addition, Lisa connects well with her audience and presents information in an interesting way. Some of the comments that Lisa received in her evaluations during our user conference include:

  • Lisa’s presentation was excellent.
  • Great presentation – [Lisa] reviewed key points in a way that I can take back to my senior management.
  • I really enjoyed Lisa’s speaking style. Very easy to understand and follow.
  • Practical advice, straight to the point.

I have heard many speakers over the years; Lisa is one of the best, and I am confident in her ability to deliver relevant content in a meaningful way.

Betsy Hargus | Director of Marketing, Prescient

Quality Program Achieves 62% Reduction in Defects

Lisa helped me develop my leadership and project planning skills. These skills were an important part of how I was able to successfully lead and implement a Quality program at our largest site that yielded a 62% reduction in consumer noticeable defects or parts per million (ppm). These results were a critical part of the foundation required to support our aggressive sales growth plans.

Brenda Roberson-Brown | Director Quality, PaperPak