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Evan Cohen, President & CEO, Quality Marble & Granite

Bryan Vansell, President & Owner, Laguna Clay Company

Kelly Ford, Aerospace Executive

Boake Paugh, CEO West Coast Corporation

Chris Vansell, VP, Mission Rubber

Dan Vest, Co-owner, Midpoint Bearing

Kash Gokli, Director of Engineering Clinic, Harvey Mudd

Cheryle Steddom, CFO, CMS Circuit Solutions

C.C. Vest, President, Midpoint Bearing

Christopher Riley, Executive, PepsiCo

Wally Brithinee, President, Brithinee Electric and Chair, MCIE

Gene Sherman, CEO, Vocademy

Diane Garcia, President, Lorraine Consulting

Mark Nienas, Director Operations, Esterline Engineered Materials Kirkhill

K Means, CFO, Coast Plating I Controller, Transtar Metals

Jim Cenname, President, US Aluminum

Liz deClifford, President, National Speakers Association, Greater Los Angeles

Kusum Kavia, President, Combustion Associates

I’ve Been Thinking (IBT) Book Testimonial – Wallace Brithinee, Brithinee Electric