Clients We Serve

Types of Firms

Although we’ve worked with clients ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises to service firms, our sweet spot falls within these three categories:

Closely Held Businesses

We have worked with several family-run and privately-held businesses. Although we find the same types of trends, issues and opportunities as we do with other types of businesses, there are nuances on how best to achieve rapid results in terms of growth, service, profitability and cash flow.

Private Equity Backed Businesses

We have worked with several private equity backed firms – both U.S. and those with international locations. Although we find that our proprietary processes work just as effectively in this sector as in others, there are definite nuances on what is most effective to meeting – and exceeding – the private equity firm’s expectations.

Large Complex Organizations

We have worked with many large complex organizations, typically global, multi-billion dollar enterprises. Although we find many of the same trends, issues and opportunities as we see in other sectors, navigating the complexity, deep organizational structures and corporate environments require different approaches to maximize value.

Industry Focus: Manufacturers & Distributors

We have broad and extensive experience with manufacturers and distributors. Within this broad sector, we have found that we are industry agnostic. No matter the specific industry, we can help improve individual and organizational performance.

Because we have a concentration of clients in Southern California, we have worked with countless clients in aerospace, building products and food & beverage. With that said, our background is in absorbent healthcare products and consumer products and the same results followed – dramatic improvement in fulfilling customer promises, and elevating business performance (revenues, profits and cash).

Who We Serve

The preponderance of our clients fills these roles within their organizations:

CEO’s, Business Owners and P&L Owners

Depending on the size of the company and organizational structure, this business leader typically has the title of owner, CEO, President, COO or General Manager.

Their focus is simple – to increase the value of the business. We work with the CEO to support growth, make and keep bold customer promises, increase profitability and accelerate cash flow.


Our second largest category of clients is the chief financial officer. As a business partner to the CEO, the CFO is interested in the same objectives as the CEO, and so we often work with CFO’s in that capacity.

In addition, we find that CFOs are particularly focused on accelerating cash flow, improving process controls (often aligning tightly with financial controls) and maximizing the value of their enterprise resource systems (ERP). These topics fit squarely into our sweet spot of our Systems Pragmatist and the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain service lines. When it comes to ERP system success, we partner with clients with our proprietary process ACE to flip the statistics from a 20% success rate to an 80% success rate

Operations / Supply Chain Managers

Although we are rarely brought into clients by Operations and Supply Chain Managers, we are frequently introduced/ referred by them and work directly with them to deliver results. Since we have filled these positions throughout our careers, we have a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing these leaders; thus, we are able to help you overcome obstacles to success and communicate effectively up and down the chain.

We find that there are often overlooked stars in these positions that know how to mobilize the troops to deliver results but might not be heard and are rarely recognized for their efforts. Thus, we come in, listen to your feedback and ideas, help you incorporate what is most effective into a plan for success and partner with you to effectively present and communicate it to the appropriate people in order to gain alignment, resources and support for a successful implementation – and results follow.

To see examples of these types of projects and results, visit our video and written testimonials webpage. There are a vast number of articles touching on these areas of interest on our articles webpage and blog. Contact us to partner and achieve these types of results.