Lisa Anderson

Group Leader – Manufacturing & Supply Chain Consultant

Steve Nosenchuck

Steve Nosenchuck, Host – Commercial Banker

Andy Anderson

Interim CFO/ Financial Analysis (small business specialty)

Eileen Angulo

HR Consultant

Orrin Belden

Orrin Belden – Alternate Financing
(when the bank says no)

Bob Birgen

Financial & Investment Advisor / Long-term Care Insurance

Jermaine Brown

Commercial Insurance

Keith Cerwinski

Commercial Banker

Zachary Cohen

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Henry Ford

Financial & Investment Advisor

David Galvez

Commercial Banker

Shantae Hansen

IT / Technology Advisor

Tim Harrison

Residential and Small Unit Real Estate Broker

Michelle Johnston

CPA & Bookkeeping
(small businesses)

Kathleen McEntee

Marketing Consultant

Chandra Moss

Family Law Attorney

Mark O’Keefe

Investment Banking

Ronald Penland

CEO Peer Group Leader

Brian Reider

Business Attorney

Eric Roark

Financial Consulting & Recruiting

Richard Schammel

Business Broker

David Showalter

CPA Healthcare & Public / Govt

Nicholle Trugman

Employee Benefits Advisor

John Tulac

International Business Attorney

Joe Van Tassel

Technical Recruiter

Michael Ventimiglia

Tax and Estate Attorney

Steve Weimar

Sales Consultant