Podcasts & Webinars

Talent Stream Webinar: Onshoring Profits

APICS-SFV Skills Gap Panel Discussion

LMA Webinar: Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results

SIOP for Elevating Business Performance

Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Manufacturing & Supply Chain

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Made Again in America: Supply Chain & Career Opportunities

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Radio Interview – Lantz on Leadership: A Practical Approach to Creating Profit through People and Processes

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson provides tips and techniques on how to leverage people and processes to achieve the best business results and in preparation for the “new normal” business environment.

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Financial Times ExecSense Webinars

Financial Times’ ExecSense webinars & Business 21 Publishing Webinars: Lisa led several webinars on the following topics. If you’d like access, please contact us.

  • How to Build an Internal Change Capability for Organizational Agility
  • What Every CFO Should Know About Cutting Business Expenses
  • Establishing 2014 Goals for Your Operations Team
  • Best Practices for Supply Chain Consolidation
  • Controlling Rising Workforce Costs as COO
  • A COO’s Guide to Preventing & Catching the 10 Most Common Situations & Incidences of Fraud
  • What Purchasing Executives Need to Know About Implementing Green Purchasing Policies
  • COO Best Practices for Conducting Year-End Reviews
  • How Leading Purchasing Executives Set Inventory Levels
  • CTO Best Practices for Holding Year End Reviews for Your Team
  • Inventory Management Tips & Techniques as a COO
  • The Roles & Skills of a CMO Mentor
  • Roles & Skills of a COO Mentor
  • How to Expand Your Client Base into New Industries or Areas of Expertise
  • COO Best Practices for Leveraging ERP Systems to Accelerate Cash Flow
  • COO Best Practices for Using Social Networks in 2012 to Improve Your Company Operations
  • COO Best Practices for Establishing 2012 Goals for Your Team
  • The Most Important Management & Leadership Skills for COOs
  • COO Best Practices for Conducting Year-End Reviews
  • The Benefits & Risks of Collaborative Outsourcing
  • Best Practices for Inventory Management
  • The Best Networking Strategies for Procurement Executives
  • Expense Control Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line