The awareness of the importance of international supply chains has grown in recent years, not just among the business fraternity, but more widely in the media, among politicians and ordinary citizens as well. Because of the multiple crises that we have endured such as COVID, Brexit, War in Ukraine and geopolitical tensions with China people now understand much better that it is the correct functioning of these complex supply chains that keeps the show on the road.

However, what may people may still not fully appreciate is just how many supply chain partners are involved in bringing even a cup of coffee to their breakfast table and how the correct functioning of these supply chains depends fundamentally of the quality of the relationships between these myriad supply chain partners – producers, buyers, processors, distributors, retailers and logistics service providers.

In this conversation with my colleagues Lisa Anderson and Elizabeth Warren from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) we explore this fascinating field of supply chain relationships and just how essential they are for the correct functioning of our modern economy.

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Originally posted on Patrick Daly Interlinks Podcast on 9/19/2023