Listen to find out how some of the top supply chain consultants around the world are working with their clients to help them deal with rising inflation and interest rates.

In this episode of Interlinks, I am joined again by my supply chain consultant colleagues from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, to talk to them about how they’re helping clients at this time to cope with inflation and higher interest rates, that are affecting companies operating in Europe, America, and Australia alike.

My guests are:

  • David Ogilvie, founder and principal consultant at David Ogilvie Associates, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • Diane Garcia, President of Lorraine Consulting based in Phoenix Arizona and
  • Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting, joining us from the Los Angeles metro area in California.

Click here to listen.


Originally published on Interlinks, February 16, 2023.