Battling Inflation in the Supply Chain

In this episode of interlinks we take a deeper dive into the world of the supply chain, with a group of international experts, all colleagues of mine from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group at the Society for the Advancement of Consulting.

All through 2021 we have been hearing of inflationary pressure feeding through to the high street driven by pandemic-related factors and non-pandemic-related factors in the supply chain.

Notable among them has been the rise in the cost of transport of containerised freight from Asia to Europe and North America, chip shortages in the automotive industry and commodity shortages for materials such as timber, glass, and construction materials.

So far, central banks in Europe, America and Asia have been sanguine about the rise in inflation, which has hit a ten-year high of 2.2%, and are not alarmed nor are they indicating a move to raise interest rates any time soon. Their view is that these are non-core, short term inflationary pressures that will normalise as economies recover from COVID.

Be that as it may, businesses are now having to cope with rising costs and shortages at this point in time and for the weeks and months ahead and that is what we are going to be discussing today – the type and nature of the challenges, how long they may endure and what companies are doing to mitigate and avoid their effects.

To discuss these issues in this episode I am delighted to be joined by:

  • David Ogilvie, Principal at David Ogilvie Consulting in Queensland, Australia
  • Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group in the metro area of Los Angeles, California
  • Karen Wilson-Starks, President and CEO of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC., in the Denver, Colorate

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