“You weren’t ready to absorb it at the time”……

Many years ago, I sat in MBA classes and listened to a plethora of topics. I did well in my classes. Then, 10 years later, I discovered some old textbooks in the garage and was amazed that I had a book on how to save taxes (I assume from my financial planning class). I remember nothing about that topic (let alone the book) from that class. At the time, I realized it would be beneficial to purchase a house – and so I did that.

Fast forward 10 years, and I was concerned about how to keep more of my income as opposed to working everyday with no progress, and so I started studying several topics related to financial planning including saving taxes. I ended up buying the newer version of the book I had stashed in my garage at Borders and thought it was amazing, new information, which I started implementing immediately. And I thought I had a good memory! (at the time)

About that time, I talked with a friend, and she had a profound statement, “you weren’t ready to absorb it at the time”. After thinking about it, I realized that I had a focus (buy a house), and so I was saturated with immediately useful information.

Why bring this up today? I just returned from my HR mentor’s wedding, and while I was in town, I talked with my great friend Sandi, and she gave me some advice that I’d heard before (several times actually) but it was profound since I was currently ready to think about that particular topic. And, interestingly, she is the same person who had the profound statement, “you weren’t ready to absorb it at the time”.

So, what is your focus? It might worth noting.