The Manufacturing sector and global economy in general are being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Knowing that we will have to adapt to a “New Normal”, it will be crucial to anticipate the economic and social changes that will be needed to reduce the negative impact that the crisis is having on our lives.

The World Manufacturing Foundation called to action its partners and players from different geographies and sectors – industrial, academy and policy – to let their voices be heard on this globally relevant topic and on its impact on the manufacturing sector and beyond, to answer to the following questions.

  • How global economy and manufacturing were impacted by the pandemic?
  • How is the manufacturing ecosystem reacting to specific critical issues due to this transformative situation?
  • What are the lessons learned, best practices and recommendations to stimulate future courses of actions in a post-COVID 19 manufacturing paradigm?

Alberto Ribolla: President, World Manufacturing Foundation

Marco Taisch: Scientific Chairman, World Manufacturing Foundation

Lisa Anderson: President, LMA – Consulting Group

Cristina Oyón: Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, SPRI – The business development agency of the Basque Government

Daria Taglioni: Research Manager, Trade and International Integration, Development Research Group, World Bank

Randy Zadra: Managing Director, Integris Software, Ambassador and Member of the Steering Committee, World Manufacturing Foundation

Originally posted on the World Manufacturing Foundation.