The holidays tend to be insane: Year-end activities. Planning for vacation and holiday schedules. Family. Events. Thus, I thought a few tips might be in order.

  1. Take a step back – it’s easy to get wrapped up into thousands of activities and not think about what’s most important from both a business and personal perspective.
  2. Relationships are #1 – I’ve always contended that relationships are the most important aspect of your business, and so set time aside to remember your valued relationships.
  3. Thank you – I’ve always found it amazing as to the difference a simple thank you can mean. Even if you think your boss, peer, or employee knows that you appreciate them, set aside time to say it.
  4. Try a different viewpoint – there is always the undesirable co-worker or family member to contend with. Try seeing it from their perspective and see if it makes any difference.
  5. Leverage strengths – there’s so much to do around the holidays and to prepare for the New Year; it only makes sense to leverage strengths across the board!