Customers have come to expect instantaneous delivery. Here are 8 questions to consider when weighing time vs. money.

In today’s Amazon-impacted world, we want everything yesterday.  We are in a perpetual time-crunch.  In that light, none of the executives we work with have enough time to complete his/her priority list in the day.

Thus, the question is how do we fit 10 hours into 8?

Here are some questions to ponder when trying to fit 10 hours into 8 at the same or better quality:

  1. Why are you doing your current task?  Is it because you always have done it or does it accomplish something valuable?
  2. Do you have a long to-do list?  If so, which do you cross off first – the easy ones, the ones you enjoy doing or the high priority items?  Why?
  3. How much time are well-meaning people who are not priorities absorbing from your day?  Why are you allowing this to occur?
  4. Would your boss concur with your priorities?  Do you even know?  If not, are you willing to have that discussion?
  5. Does your team understand the priorities?  Do you ask for help from your team?  Do you make it interesting for them?
  6. How many of your priorities relate to your top performers?
  7. How many of your priorities relate to customers?
  8. Have you thought about what to stop doing?

In conclusion, identifying and creating efficiencies is a large part of what I do. It helps with everything from supply chain management, to ERP, to process development, to grocery shopping. Answer these eight questions for yourself and see if it becomes easier to fit 10 hours into 8.


© Lisa Anderson