A disengaged workforce can cost you in productivity, profitability and lost customers. Engaging employees can be as simple as listening, giving feedback and removing obstacles to success

Employee engagement was a hot topic during the “Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage” panel at the Drucker Supply Chain Forum.  Did you know that one of the most recent Gallup studies found that 67% of people are not engaged in the workplace?  How horrifying is that?

Worse yet, what makes up the 67%?  51% are not engaged but 16% are actively disengaged.  What?  Can you imagine the obstacles to overcome to be successful in an environment where 16% of your team is working against you?

What can we do about employee engagement?

  1.  Involvement –  Involve your people in their work.  It sounds obvious but rarely occurs.  Can your employees have an impact on their work?  Are they asked to participate in brainstorming sessions or kaizen events?  Please, if you ask your team to participate, do not dictate the solution.  You’ll create active non-involvement!
  2.  Leadership – Ok, leadership can sound like motherhood and apple pie; however, have you thought about just one fact – employees do not leave companies; they leave leaders.  Who is leaving your company?
  3. Performance management – Talk about a topic few leaders excel at doing, it is performance management.  I was fortunate to have an OD/HR mentor who taught me almost everything I know about this topic.  It is actually quite simple. Be upfront with your people. Provide immediate positive and constructive feedback. Address poor performers. This single action will achieve wonders with your stars. Don’t wait for once a year.  Make time to meet one-on-one at least once a quarter.