Happy Thanksgiving to clients, colleagues, friends and family!

What better day than Thanksgiving to give thanks. The graphic below reminded me of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland which has always been one of my favorites. My Mom would always make it a great game to figure out where everyone was from, and I loved the uplifting song.


It will be impossible to list everyone and so a BIG shout out to all my clients, colleagues, friends and family. I wouldn’t be successful without my parents’ encouragement. They thought I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard, and so I did just that!

A few from my career that pop to mind to mention from over the years….

  • Marge Wickens: Thanks to my first corporate manager from Coca-Cola Enterprises who saw good potential and gave me a fabulous start to my career. Linda, please make sure Marge sees this:-).
  • Becky Kolesiak: Although we haven’t talked in years, I hope you’ll read this and know that I appreciated working with you and your mentoring. I’m glad I got my MBA in Finance as you illustrated the importance of where money goes.
  • Dave Franklin: Another mentor related to Operations. I learned a lot from you and am glad we’ve kept in touch. A BIG thank you!
  • Mike Brown: Thanks to Mike for having the confidence to promote me to VP of Product Supply even though I wasn’t ‘older, male and a graduate from Harvard’. I love that you care about results!
  • My PaperPak team (Marty Ostrow, Bill Weber, Debra Daniels-Smith, Brenda Roberson-Brown, Jim Maguire, Liz Cruz Marlene Bradley, and more): There is no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without such a fabulous team. I learned a lot from each of you as well. Debra, I credit you frequently in figuring out how to handle people situations. And, Marty, you have personally created significant profit for my clients by me following your lead – no double counting cost savings :-)!
  • PaperPak colleagues & other folks who helped me start LMA Consulting – several of my team as well as Vicki Jeter, Paul Dearing, Jolene Myers, Rich Beu, Sandi Brooks, Wade Brooks, Ann Tatoian and more.
  • My LMA Advocates and LMA Futurists: People who have contributed to LMAs success and are proactive, innovative clients (stay tuned for 2021’s awards soon).
  • Clients and colleagues over the years
  • My APICS/ ASCM Board of Directors – huge THANK YOU for advancing our profession
  • LMA Team Partners including Diane Garcia, Liz Cruz, Tony Martinez, Jesse Dalton, Cindy Orshonsky (you make everything look better), Susan Brunasso, Kathy McEntee, Pam Scrivner, Scott Herman and more.

I am certainly fortunate! Much appreciated! Hope you have a restful weekend with family and friends.