Published December 5, 2014

I read in the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. is on pace for the strongest job growth in 15 years after November’s growth of 321,000 jobs. This news doesn’t surprise me as my clients are in growth mode. Even though my clients cut back during the recession and have been reluctant to add back more than absolutely necessary, they are now adding key positions to grow the business.

As I’ve been discussing since my Skills Gap research report, employers are undoubtedly finding themselves short of the top talent required to grow profitably and successfully. There has been a dramatic reduction in lower skilled jobs over the last 20 years as manufacturers and distributors have automated, moved low-skill labor jobs to lower cost countries etc.; however, with automation and value-add products and services, the demand for higher-skills increases. Thus, employers must attract, retain and train top talent. What types of training programs are you implementing?

One tip to implement this week:
As the year winds down, it is a perfect opportunity to look for training opportunities that will support your strategy and plans for the New Year. Do NOT just assign someone to train or to devise a program. Your top talent should be a priority! Be involved and create teams to determine which training program will provide the most value and align with your objectives. Make sure your employees understand the importance and that you are investing in their success. My APICS Inland Empire Chapter is offering CSCP classes (Certified Supply Chain Professional) in January – this will provides a great end-to-end supply chain toolkit. Consider options like this to invest in training for your employees.