I met my global consulting group in Hawaii to talk strategy.  Have you thought about where you are going lately?  More importantly, have you thought about why you are going there?  It is quite easy to get caught up in doing whatever you set out to do a year or two prior when you set your strategy; however, has anything changed?  Certainly, the world stage continues to evolve.  Put dedicated thought into your strategy, set aside time to think and consider different viewpoints.  In my case, gaining input from some of the best consultants from different countries and specialties while putting aside time to think surrounded by amazing views (see a few below) is bound to stir strategic thought.

Strategic Business Thinking - Insights from Hawaii

One tip to implement this week: 

Have you dedicated time to strategic thought lately?  Or are you too busy to even think, let alone dedicate time to strategic thought?  Perhaps you need to drive to the beach, mountains, or your favorite nearby setting and take 30 minutes to empty your mind.  Or, stay closer to work.  Deliberately put yourself in a work group of people with different ideas and viewpoints.  Usually when I groan because I’m not sure I want to be in a group with someone, it turns out he/she spurs me to new heights with new ideas.  

You don’t have to fly to Hawaii to broaden your view.  Take a look around regardless of your setting. There are countless amazing views we encounter on a daily basis.  Whether it is the local nursery, your neighbor’s yard, the hustle and bustle at the train station, an artist painting in the park or your dog jumping in excitement at your return home after a long day, you have interesting views to spur strategic thought.  The key is to relate these views and put yourself in different situations that might spur strategic thought.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


June 18, 2018