Published November 15, 2014

I just finished a birthday celebration for my niece (in essence). My parents, my mom’s sisters, my uncles, my cousin, my brother and I got together for some great pizza (Spinato’s pizza in Scottsdale is my favorite!) to celebrate Mia’s birthday. She loved her American Girl doll with many changes of outfits….you cannot have too many! And my mom got cheesecake and cupcakes to top off the evening.

I find that it is too rare that families get together like they used to. Well, I don’t know how typical it used to be; however, we saw my Grandparents at every birthday, holiday etc. One of my aunts lived down the street for many years, and it was great fun growing up close enough to walk over. I remember she used to make pancakes in the shape of animals. Another aunt came by weekly when I was in high school to take my best friend and I to the movies. Another aunt had me over to play tennis etc. And my aunt from my dad’s side started me on a collection of dolls of my nationalities. My mom’s best friend who we also considered an aunt was always full of fun surprises when she came over – making bizarre foods, ice cream etc.

Whether you spend time with family or just get away with friends, remembering the importance of life balance can be essential not only to personal fulfillment but also to creative success at work.

One tip to implement this week:
As we head into the holiday season, think about how you can make sure life balance remains a priority. Pick up the phone and call a relative or friend you haven’t talked with in a while. Make time to let your family know you care. Compliment a co-worker. Smile. The “little things” can go a long way.