November 30, 2015

During the holiday season, it is extra important to remember to say thank you. There is added stress and loneliness in our personal lives it seems yet there is also added stress in our business lives. Year-end is approaching for many. Vacations need to be covered. Tax planning should be occurring. Preparations for 2014 should be occurring. And the list goes on. A simple thank you can go a long way!

I’ve worked with many clients, and I’ve yet to work with a client where I didn’t meet someone who felt unappreciated. Do you think unappreciated employees provide excellent customer service? No!

One tip to implement this week:
Look around you. Be observant. Find someone doing something well, and thank them. Or, think about who has helped you, probably without you even asking. Thank them. Catch your employees “doing right”. Actually, remember, this works just as well with peers, your manager and your Board members. Often, they rarely hear the positive. Change that during this holiday season. Perhaps it will be so successful that you’ll keep doing it in January….