Published October 3, 2014

I happen to be in New York City for a seminar, and I noticed the change of pace in the city. In essence, everyone speeds up…. and there are MANY, MANY people everywhere. New York is known for having a quick pace; however, I see this extending to my clients no matter where they are located. If they aren’t running, they are losing ground. Consider the fact that speed matters!

Are you able to get your products to your customers quicker than the competition does? Do you have the data needed to make quick yet effective decisions? How quickly do you have financial data after month end? It better be faster and faster…..

One tip to implement this week: For the next decision or choice you have to make, remember speed. Once you have 80% of the critical information needed to make a decision, GO! Notice I said critical information; not all information. When we think about it, we often waste time on non-essential information. Even when it comes to the key information, do NOT wait for the remaining 20%. I realize it could make us very uncomfortable; however, it is not a significant risk when you are 80% prepared. In fact, it is a BIG risk to not make a decision as your competition will pass you by.

If this doesn’t work, try thinking you are in New York – you will be run over by a taxi if you wait too long!