I recently went to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for the wedding of my best friend’s daughter.  Sandi and I met in high school and spent college together as well and have seen each other multiple times each year since.  I remember beach trips with her family in high school as well as beach trips to her parents’ beach houses (going back to when her kids were just born) and even a beach trip in CA earlier this year with my other best friend as well.  Somehow walking along the beach with long-term friends (and a dog always adds to the mix as in the picture below) is quite restful.   It reminds me of the value of long-term relationships.  Sandi is one of my oldest friends, and there is something to be said for those that stick with you through thick and thin.  That certainly is true with work as well!

One tip to implement this week: 

I venture to guess that everyone knows someone from MANY years ago, whether a friend, colleague or family member.  Have you thought about who has stuck with you through the trials and tribulations of everyday life?  Who is happy to share in your success?  This can be a tough one.  I remember a colleague I considered a friend who distanced herself when I was promoted at work – not exactly a long-term relationship.  On the other hand, I have been blessed with MANY colleagues that I have kept in touch with from my first job out of college through mid-career jobs and, of course, during my consulting career.  

I have always thought keeping in touch with “good people” was a top priority.  Do you?  I cannot tell you how many times these friends, family and colleagues have contributed value to my career and life.  Earlier this year, I went to Chicago for a consulting convention and was able to visit a childhood friend I hadn’t seen since high school, a cousin I hadn’t seen in YEARS (although I had such great memories of playing in the lake by my grandpa’s house when we were small) and a colleague I hadn’t seen since the year I started consulting (2005).  It was great to catch up.  Who should you pick up the phone and call? 

October 30, 2017