I was recently quoted in a World Trade Magazine article, “Made in the USA Gains Momentum”, and so I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss on my blog. Read the full article here.

Actually, I am quite interested in this topic, as I believe we MUST find a way to be competitive for non-commodity products in the USA. There is NO way we can thrive based on consuming alone. After all, it makes zero sense. How can that logic make sense to anyone – the more we consume, the better the economy; however, if we consume goods produced in other countries, it doesn’t create jobs here (minimal ones at best). Instead of biting our nails over our consumtpion figues and hoping that our GNP increases (which just seems like a house of cards to me), we should focus on how to be entrepreneurial and be competitive with whatever product or service we are selling – not competitive within our state or country but globally competitive.

If everyone thinks a bit more about this topic, we are bound to be in better shape than we are by purchasing one more toy or piece of clothing manufactured overseas!