As one of the top topics I typically help clients to strategize and implement, I thought it was worth taking a look at a few tips:

  • Fit with strategy – Change for the sake of change without looking at fit with the company’s strategy is useless yet occurs frequently. Focus efforts on what really matters.
  • Do we fear change? – No! People don’t fear change; they fear the journey to the future.
  • Explain the whys – Who doesn’t respond better when they understand why they are doing something – and, even better, explain why he/she is integral to where the company is headed. Suddenly, you have interested participants.
  • Communicate – I’ve found that you cannot under-communicate re: organizational change. One way to ensure your teams understand the journey is to keep them in the loop. Communicate what you know. Be upfront and tell them when you cannot communicate. Trust will follow.
  • Listen – It sounds obvious but rarely occurs. What’s more important to successful organizational change than to listen to your people? Even if what they are saying doesn’t seem important, it is important to them or they wouldn’t bring it up. Take the time to make sure they know you care about their feedback.