We are constantly preparing for something – a meeting, a key customer visit, etc. Thus, a few tips might be handy:

  1. Think of the big picture – It’s easy to get lost in detail. What is the objective of your meeting? Trip? Etc.? What is required to achieve that objective?
  2. Design first – Before jumping in and creating 10 spreadsheets which are less than optimal, design what is required to leave the meeting with a successful outcome.
  3. Automate – Once you have designed a process or report, find ways to automate what’s feasible. Ask for help.
  4. Simplify – Complexity does not equal success. Find ways to provide clarity instead
  5. Prioritize – No need to address everything. Instead prioritize what is most important to ensure success and focus on those. |
  6. Get familiar with your environment – Where will your meeting take place? What will folks wear? What is expected? 
  7. Leverage resources – You don’t have to do everything yourself. Who can help? Who might benefit from helping?