I wanted to wish my clients, colleagues, family and friends a happy holiday season!

I recently arrived in Arizona to see my mom and family. They are recently recovered from COVID which leaves MUCH to do. I think I will need a magic wand to come close to finishing the MANY tasks I will need to get done in the next several days, but I’m thrilled they have recovered and glad to spend time with family.

I’m excited to share a recent photo from the Cambria Christmas market with over 2 million lights. It was simply amazing, both in terms of lights and food. Doesn’t it look like a winter wonderland?

I appreciate each of you as I wouldn’t be here 16+ years after founding LMA Consulting without such great support. Many thanks to clients, colleagues, family, and friends for making the journey interesting, fun and rewarding.

I hope you have a fabulous holiday season, stay healthy, spend time with family and friends and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023!