In today’s business environment, lifetime employment is a scarcity. Instead, the focus is on continually maintaining and improving your marketability.

  1. Read the business bestseller list – it is important to stay abreast of the latest concepts and business thinking. It is also helpful to look at it from the high level to understand current trends, what’s perceived to be the key subjects, etc.
  2. Know the latest news – this is one I really didn’t know how I’d accomplish since I would order newspapers to have them accumulate in the house before making the trip to the recycling bin. But, I knew it was important as it is a great common ground for communication, a great source of examples, etc. So, I found reading the highlights via the internet and Wall Street Journal emails worked for me. Each person has to find a way that works for them – one size does not fit all.
  3. Go to a few conferences/ training events each year – again, it is important to not only understand the latest thinking in your areas of expertise, but it is also key to network with peers. Many people learn best through in-person communication. At the very least, you’ll likely learn a useful tidbit.
  4. Find a mentor and be a mentor – find a mentor who has accomplished what you’d like to accomplish and then develop a way for the relationship to work for both parties. And, do the same with your expertise – many times, mentors say they learn more from their mentees than vice-versa.
  5. Find the learning opportunity in all situations – even with your worst boss or co-worker, you have an opportunity to learn what not to do, how to handle a difficult co-worker, or something like that. Take advantage of a bad situation.
  6. Travel – it gives you a broader perspective, a good source of examples, and conversation pieces. And, it is enjoyable!