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Innovate or Die

In today's economic environment, slow and steady progress, a continuous improvement philosophy and a low-cost producer, commodity focus will likely result in death. Why? Because it takes more than "good" to stand out in the crowd and deliver consistent and growing profitability; it takes radical change and innovation. In [...]

2022-09-08T07:48:43-07:00April 25, 2013|Categories: Innovation|

Keys to Plant Management Success

To succeed in today's environment, it is no longer desirable to have a world class operation focused on providing a value add while maximizing resources; it is a requirement. Today's global business climate is becoming more competitive. It is tough to stand out in the crowd, and it is [...]

2023-09-12T19:16:07-07:00April 25, 2013|Categories: Manufacturing, Process Improvement|Tags: , , , |

Leverage the Transferability of Best Practices

It has recently occurred to me that businesses are missing a huge opportunity to leverage the transferability of best practices. Although as a business consultant, leveraging best practices has been an "assumed" part of the value I provide clients, even I missed the boat and forgot to leverage this [...]

2023-09-11T10:06:45-07:00April 25, 2013|Categories: Business & the Economy, Manufacturing, Process Improvement|Tags: , |

Leverage Your ERP System for Bottom Line Business Results

In my conversations and discussions with clients, bankers, CPA's and business contacts, I have a different picture than is presented in the news and is implied in recent stock market performance. In my view, there is a stabilization; however, this "new normal" business environment is one characterized by lower [...]

The Value of Customer Service

The value of customer service might not be clear until it's necessary - after all, it seems like not a big deal to potentially sacrifice a bit of service in order to gain a good discount. How many of us shop for discounts at the store? Or, in a [...]

2024-06-06T18:42:20-07:00April 25, 2013|Categories: Business & the Economy|Tags: , , |

Why Start with Inventory Accuracy?

As companies set priorities for 2010 or next year's budget, it is important to understand where to start. So, why should inventory accuracy be a top priority? It's required from an accounting standpoint. Typically speaking, inventory can be a substantial number on your financial statements. What could be more [...]

2022-09-08T09:02:30-07:00April 25, 2013|Categories: Inventory Management & Control|

Sustainability – who knew that it’s common sense?

Liken sustainability to reducing waste, which in turn respects the environment and makes business financial sense. Sustainability is gaining traction in today’s cutting edge discussions. Whenever a topic pops up in multiple places suddenly, I take notice. I’ve read multiple articles in trade publications and magazines, attended a keynote [...]

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