Lisa Anderson was quoted in a SelectHub article recently on the best production planning software for the manufacturing industry in 2023. She says a wishlist of key features for your facility is key.


Best Production Planning Software

Production planning software is a manufacturing solution that helps you plan for and supervise essential workflows in the production process.

Our analysts compiled a detailed list of the best production planning software with the top benefits, features and limitations. We’ll also discuss top benefits, must-have features and the best way to choose the right manufacturing planning software for your business.

Key Features

When you shop for new solutions, you must have a wishlist of features needed for your facility.

Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., discussed sequencing similar items during production as an essential capability.

“If you think about it in terms of colors or flavors, you would want to run all the dark flavors together. You would want to not run them before you go to a light flavor. So basically, the ability to tie together like items in a production run, and know how much time you’ll need for that category of items.”

Anderson also elaborated on the importance of what-if scenario planning.

“You want to be able to see, ‘Well, what if I have a second shift? How can I rearrange my production plan? Can I find a more efficient way to do it where I can minimize waste or maximize efficiencies? What if I have this situation or that situation?’”

Here’s a helpful list of the best production planning software features to consider when browsing vendors and resellers.


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