Although it has always been true, it is being recognized more widely in today’s economic and turbulent enivornment that relationships are fundamental to personal and professional success.  Every person I know who has successfully interviewed or found another job has accomplished it largely through relationships.  Certainly, everyone who has maintained an overall positive and healthy attitude and perspective has accomplished it through relationships.  And, even those feeling despair have overcome the worst of circumstances through the power of relationships.  Value your relationships.  And, strangely, the world is becoming smaller and smaller through the use of social media and perhaps due to the economic challenges – within the last few months, I’ve been referred to or found people I knew ages ago through my relationship network.  Therefore, not only are relationships vital but they are longer-lasting and/or can pop up 20 years later – be selective and then nurture and value your selected relationships while keeping a friendly and positive approach with the rest.

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