The more technology we use, the more we need a high level of engagement with people. As John Naisbitt, the preeminent social forecaster of our time and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Megatrends, said, “High tech. High touch.” He was absolutely correct. The more virtual we’ve become since COVID, the more we crave a high level of engagement. Similarly, the more we automate, the greater the importance of a high level of touch.

In watching trends with clients, it has been clear that the most successful haven’t forgotten their people during the COVID crisis. In fact, the further apart we stand, the closer we need to feel to be successful. How can we engage our people? Are you refocusing on your talent?

One Tip to Implement This Week:

Take stock of your environment. Are you employees, peers, and leaders feeling a part of where you are headed? How about your customers? If not, you might be running at 100 mph but you’ll be alone in the race.

Start with your people, and focus on the future.

  • Engage your people If your people know where you are headed, why you are headed there and how they can contribute to the vision, engagement will increase. Engaged people will achieve far more than what the average employee will achieve, and they’ll enjoy it!
  • Mentor: One of the single greatest influences on my success has been what I learned from mentors. As Shellye Archambeau said on a recent webinar, find your mentors and simply adopt them. It doesn’t have to be formal or even stated. Brilliant advice! If you are a leader, encourage mentorships. Results multiply when people can try new behaviors and skills with immediate feedback.
  • Train: Are your people ready for two years from now? What types of skills do they need to help you speed past your competition? There are countless opportunities to build skills. For example, our Association for Supply Chain Management chapter (ASCM/ APICS) is offering several courses related to supply chain management.
  • Partner with organizations: Find trade organizations, community colleges and other organizations to collaborate on building skills and investing in the future.
  • Look around you: Your stars are there. How will you empower them?

Please keep us in the loop of your situation and how we can help. Also, read more about these types of ideas to emerge from COVID stronger than ever before in my free eBook Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Post COVID-19. Please send your feedback and stories. I will incorporate into an article, video or interview.