December 11, 2018

When I was in Australia last month, I had a day and a half to tour the Melbourne area after my global strategy session and seeing my cousin. Since it was my first time to this area, and I don’t know if/when I’ll return, I figured it was a good idea to see whatever I could while there. Luckily, I thought about the person who helped set up an Australia/ New Zealand trip for me previously when I traveled with friends and asked her for a recommendation since she did a great job with our multi-week adventure. Because of her recommendation, I went on the only tour that actually sees koalas and kangaroos in the wild as well as many great sites on the rest of the tours.

Koalas in the wild in Australia
Kangaroos in the wild in Australia
Kangaroos watching us in the wild in Australia

If I hadn’t kept track of “good contacts”, I would have missed this.  Do you keep track of yours and nurture them?

One tip to implement this week: 

Do you keep track of your contacts? Writing this note reminded me to thank my contact at American Express travel; however, I forgot her name and so I needed to look it up in my contacts.  Thus, it seems like the place to start to keep track of them. No need to purchase expensive programs. I use Outlook, and I was able to find her quickly.

Keeping track is not enough though. When I contacted her to ask about my day in Melbourne, I referred back to when we worked together previously. She remembered me and gave me exactly what I needed with rapid response and no charge. Thus, reminding the person where you met previously and being easy to work with can help down-the-road. I had no clue I’d ever call her to ask for help, but I did. 

Most importantly, go that extra mile to stay in touch. Why not tell your contact about an event you think might interest her? Or, simply give him a call around the holidays or send a quick ‘thank you’. While typing this note, my contact responded to my email and was thrilled I had a good time. Take a few minutes out of your schedule this week and pick up the phone or drop a contact a note.