Published December 19, 2014

As I’ve been writing holiday cards for weeks now, keeping in touch is on my mind. Why go through all the work to send holiday cards? I think it is a great opportunity to take a minute or two to think about each person as you write his/her card. Perhaps you should be doing a better job of keeping in touch. Or, perhaps you are keeping in touch and want them to know you are thinking of them. If even 5% of your cards make your colleague, family and friends’ day, isn’t it worth it?

I think the value of keeping in touch is obvious from a personal standpoint; however, it might be less obvious from a business standpoint especially as we are all BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Just think of it this way – who do you call when you need a referral? Who do you call when you want the best service? Those who keep in touch. Of course you must be genuine or don’t bother. Keep in touch and stand out from the crowd.

One tip to implement this week:
Today’s tip is quite easy to implement. It takes no money; no resources and barely any time. Think of one person you would like to keep in touch with and do one of the following: Pick up the phone and give him/ her a call. Send a letter. Make a point to find out when he/she can get together, and schedule it. Last but not least, send an email. The most personal approach is always preferred but do NOT wait for the “perfect” situation. I find more people waiting for perfection who miss HUGE opportunities. Pick up your phone….