January 27, 2017

I am the Chair of the Innovation Awards of the Manufacturers’ Summit for the Inland Empire, and we have been quite busy preparing for this Friday’s summit (see below).  It is important to encourage innovation for the obvious reason that if we do not innovate, we will stand still.  And, if we are standing still, we end up moving backwards while our competition passes us.  What have you innovated lately?

One tip to implement this week:
Innovation is certainly not something to accomplish in a week; however, it is definitely something to start this week.  My best clients innovate by inspiring and rewarding creativity.  The executives provide a vision of the future and encourage employees and partners to innovate  As my consulting mentor says, innovation is applied creativity.  I bet you have a LOT more innovators (or potential innovators) at your company than you realize.

Are you creating a culture of innovation in your company, department or just with your colleagues surrounding you of innovation?  Start by encouraging thinking and testing of ideas.  Find areas where you’ve already innovated and apply for next year’s innovation awards.  Make sure your employees and colleagues are recognized for their successes!