July 20, 2016

On the 10 year anniversary of my business, I recognized 10 people for 10 years as LMA Advocates – people who have gone over and beyond, resulting in LMA Consulting’s growth and success.  I truly appreciate their support, expertise, ideas, feedback etc.  I would not be here today without them – and certainly not leading a growing consulting practice that helps manufacturers & distributors make – and keep – bold customer promises AND profits. I have the best job – helping clients and the people within my clients achieve significant successes.  What could be better?

At my 10 year bash, I committed to recognizing one person each year on the anniversary of LMA Consulting.  Thus, I’m thrilled to announce Kash Gokli, head of Harvey Mudd’s manufacturing practice and Director of their Clinic Program as my 2016 winner.  Kash and I facilitate the Harvey Mudd executive roundtables together and have collaborated on clients, APICS-IE and more.


One tip to implement this week:

Don’t worry about giving out an award in a week; however, think about what you could do to recognize someone who has gone out of their way to help with your personal and professional success.  In the vast majority of my clients, a simple conversation of thanks would go a LONG way – don’t underestimate the power of the ‘small stuff’.

If you are a business owner or executive, take the extra 5 minutes to recognize your top talent.  You will not be sorry – the VAST majority of people work because they want to make a difference; not for a small raise or bonus.  Of course, a raise or bonus is gravy but enjoying work and making a difference is lasting.

If you are part of a team, think outside the box.  Recognize people who have mentored you along the way.  Recognize your peer that pitches in when needed.  Recognize someone in another department who helped or gave you an idea.  I bet if you think about it, you’ll have “too many” people to recognize.  Talk to them.  Take them for coffee.  Pick up the phone and say thank you.  There are countless ways to recognize people.