Certainly on Memorial Day weekend, it is important to honor those who have served and to set aside time to spend with family. It shouldn’t take a special holiday for us to focus on these priorities; however, it certainly is a great reminder. I find that we get so busy in our everyday lives that we overlook some of the most important priorities such as supporting our soldiers, talking with those who have served in the past and even just spending time with our families. I recently went to DC, and there is such great history there that forgetting the importance of Memorial Day would be impossible. What are you doing this weekend?

One tip to implement this week:
You might wonder how focusing on those who have served and spending time with families has anything to do with work success but I see a connection. Those people who are the most well-rounded typically are much more successful – and happy – than those who aren’t. If you have someone who has served in your family, have you called to thank them? Or just to talk? How about volunteering in some way? Even just spending time with family can not only go a long way in making their day but it also can make yours. When you get back to work on Tuesday, you’ll be reinvigorated. If you’ve missed the opportunity this weekend, do it next weekend. It will have all the advantages along with the unexpected element thrown in for good measure!