November 23, 2015

I was in Hawaii the last few days for a strategy session.  It was great to have dedicated time to think through strategy, brainstorm and improve upon it with colleagues, etc.

Although this photo isn’t the typical beach scene from Hawaii, I thought it was a great picture and fascinating.  Just like this tree, there is so much to notice and consider.  Do you take the time out to get away and THINK?


One tip to implement this week:
No matter what is happening, set aside a few minutes to think.  It doesn’t have to be laborious or lengthy.  I find that new ideas pop up when you have time to think.  And you’ll end up performing whatever tasks you are working on better/ quicker.  No matter how much we think we can just keep going, everyone needs some time to just think.  It doesn’t have to be about work; just set aside the time.  No matter what you think about, more ideas are guaranteed to start flowing.

Don’t leave it to chance.  Plan it in your calendar.  Tell your spouse or employees.  Block it out from whatever roadblocks might arise.  Even 10 minutes of thinking time this week could lead to significant benefits.  Let me know how it goes.