Do you know how to attract and retain the best employees?

I have always believed that people are #1 to success. Without people, there is no business. I hear executives use these words; however, later they talk about people as costs. Which message do you think is taken away?

I have the opportunity to network with several top executive recruiters in my ProVisors groups, and there seems to be a new trend emerging – top talent is not only hard to find but it is ready to “make the move” to companies who appreciate them. Thus, have you thought about what your top talent is thinking?

What are you doing to retain your top talent? It isn’t about the money. For as much conversation as goes on about money, it isn’t a key motivator. Of course the lack of money is a problem (so I’m assuming you are paying within reasonable ranges in alignment with job requirements) but money alone will not keep your top talent.

Do you notice when an employee puts in extra effort to achieve a key result? Do you say thank you? Do you appreciate ideas? Do you ask what employees think will work or for potential pitfalls? Do you spend all of your time with the problem employees and ignore your high-performing employees? Do you ask about career path aspirations? Do you offer training and tools? Do you deal with difficult problems? Are you willing to address the problem employee who is creating havoc? Employees want to be able to count on you!