I constantly go back to what my HR mentor (Debra Daniels) used to say, “It begins and ends with people.” She was right!

Earlier today, I went to lunch with a 3 trusted advisors who work with the same types of clients as I do. One of them told us a story that reminded me of the critical importance of people. Long story short, he worked with a couple that ran a business. The husband believed in command and control type management – suppliers need to be squeezed, people are costs (not assets) etc. Eventually the wife filed for divorce, and the husband happily gave her the business while taking the great investment portfolio they had built. She listened to the people who worked for her, implemented ideas that made sense and was wildly successful. Grew the business 10-fold. Not only did she end up with the larger piece of the pie, the people were motivated and energized. Win-win!

In your everyday interactions, think about how you would like to be treated. What would energize you? Treat others that way, and success will follow.