“There’s no getting caught up anymore”, explains Lisa Anderson, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, President of LMA Consulting Group Inc. Companies of all sizes are working hard to minimize the effects on our grocer bills.


Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. What did you buy? Where did you buy it? Were you in a store, in bed, or in your car for a curbside pickup? How much did you spend? Did you find everything you need?

As we somehow enter year three of the pandemic, we have lots of questions. Questions for you, yes. But also for the grocery industry. We wanted to know about what’s in store (specifically, at our favorite grocery stores) and what it will mean for our shopping carts and our kitchen tables. So we thought we’d investigate.

We spoke with brands, retailers, and experts across the country about the current state of grocery shopping. We combed through press releases, pored over industry insights, and attended virtual seminars and even a fully masked in-person expo. All to uncover the mostly exciting, but also concerning, developments coming in the year ahead. Here’s what we learned.

Prices will continue to go up. Online shopping will continue to grow.

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