Profit through People by mentoring, listening, training and valuing employee input and contributions.

As I’ve been going through my hundreds of articles to put together the 100 tips, it’s become obvious as to which topics resonated with me as essential to delivering bottom line business results.  Here are a few highlights from the people perspective:

  1. People are your #1 asset – If you don’t pay attention to your people, nothing else will matter. Start here.
  2. Retaining top talent – It is not as simple as paying fairly. Those who retain top talent will thrive.
  3. It Begins & Ends with Leadership – I still believe my HR mentor Debra’s comments sum this up, “It begins and ends with leadership”.
  4. Culture – Very little progress can be made if culture doesn’t support it. Set out to be deliberate about culture.
  5. Change management – Too many companies fail when it comes to managing organizational change. People do not fear change; they fear not knowing where they are headed and not having control over their destiny.
  6. Performance management – the most overlooked yet essential item. Make the time to talk with your people. How can your #1 asset not be important? Set goals. Provide feedback. Mentor.