It’s easy to lose track of priorities with so many competing distractions in the supply chain business, but a vigilant and observant team will spot the essential priorities and get down to the business of achieving results.

When I talk about The Manufacturing Connector(SM), I am referring to the comprehensive process to connect the rapid assessment and identification of key priorities with the execution of results through the right combination of end-to-end supply chain expertise and improvements in people, processes and systems.

When going into additional depth on Eagle Eye, I find that keeping an eagle eye view remains cornerstone to success throughout the process. Slackers are not welcome! Being vigilant with observation, prioritization, organization and the like must be omnipresent throughout if you’d like results to occur.

In my experience, eagle eye vision boils down to two main areas: 1) rapid synthesis, assessment and prioritization 2) focus.

Let’s start with #1. Who has seen failure take over as analysis paralysis comes into play? Probably most of us! How about leaders who are afraid to make the leap? Equally bad, leaders who are lost in a maze and don’t know how to find their way out? Unfortunately, these occurences happen frequently. Thus, find those experts in your organization and external to your organization who are able to understand, synthesize and rapidly assess large amounts of often times disparate information and be able to determine priorities and develop roadmaps for achieving objectives. No one can focus on 1000 priorities at once (even though we all try); the key is focusing on the “right” priorities.

Even after your top 3 priorities are clear, don’t let your eagle eye rest. The critical component to expediting success is to focus on just the intersection of ,the three key areas (priority content, people, and processes/ systems). It is abundantly easy to get side-tracked on the non-essential; however, while you are smelling the roses, your competition will be racing by you in the fast lane. Make sure to translate your plans into results by keeping your eagle eye intact.