More than ever manufacturing and distribution operations are linked and fueled by people worldwide. When you make them the cornerstone of your success profit will follow.

When I talk about The Manufacturing Connector(SM), I am referring to the comprehensive process to connect the rapid assessment and identification of key priorities with the execution of results through the right combination of end-to-end supply chain expertise and improvements in people, processes and systems.

When going into additional depth when it comes to people (Profit through People), I find that it is where I spend 80% of my time and attention for my most successful clients. Thus sit up and pay attention!

The reason people are cornerstone to success and my original brand was “Profit through People” even though I focus on end-to-end supply chain topics is because people make or break success. I can’t think of a success story within my clients or contacts where people didn’t play a vital role. Can you?

For example, in order to radically slash lead times, it takes more than dictating a change to Customer Service; instead, it involves each aspect of your order fulfillment process from taking orders to planning production, collaborating with suppliers, managing capacity, resolving operational bottlenecks, implementing the concept of flow (lean thinking), etc. How can such a change be successful unless leaders rise to the challenge, cross-functional teams get formed, culture change occur, metrics get measured, and change management becomes commonplace?

Now expand your thinking to your supply chain partners. Are you collaborating with your customers? Do you have communication processes in place with your bank? Can they support your cash flow needs? How about your insurance carriers? Attorneys? Contract manufacturers? Etc.? It must be one, inter-connected web to succeed, and it will boil down to people!