We all know the 5 Second Rule when trying to recover and justify eating dropped food, but it also works to motivate yourself into action.

Keeping with the APICS 2016 theme, we can achieve profit through people by following the 5 second rule, according to Mel Robbins, commentator and legal analyst for CNN. Her point is “Do you think you’ll ever feel like doing what you need to do?…… NEVER! Thus, follow the 5 second rule.

The 5 second rule: The moment you have the idea (to talk to someone, to email your boss, to present an idea to a key customer, or help a colleague), you have 5 seconds. Start doing something within 5 seconds. For example, if you want to talk with someone, start walking towards them. If you want to present an idea to a customer, write it down. Think of some small step that will get you going in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll talk yourself out of it!

So, how can we use the 5 second rule?

  1. Tell your boss about an idea – can you imagine how many ideas we’d have if everyone just communicated one idea?
  2. Change one small thing you have wanted to change – it is amazing how often people just “get through their day” and don’t consider changing something to make their daily life better. Pick one small thing and do it.
  3. Tell one person about how you admire them – there has to be someone at work you think is doing a great job, has a great attitude etc. Even if it is the President, go tell him/ her. Pick up the phone.
  4. Introduce yourself to someone you wanted to meet – perhaps you’ve been interested in R&D but didn’t think anyone would listen. Ignore your inner voice and introduce yourself.
  5. Give constructive feedback to a colleague – this can be one of the hardest yet most appreciated things you can do. If you truly want to help, do it. You never know how effective it could be.

Mel has been wildly successful talking about the 5 second rule. She told us her story of being “down and out” and picturing a rocket taking off “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..” and pushed herself to get out of bed. Who hasn’t felt that way before? From lying in bed to CNN – imagine what you could do if you followed the 5 second rule?