In a society of over-communication, you’ll stand out through continuous education and committment to learning.

In today’s business climate, those who stand out in a crowd will succeed. One of the keys to success is to never stop learning.

  1. Read: Especially in the information age, it is even more critical to read voraciously. A variety is good – read the newspaper, books from the bestseller list, books about your specialty, websites providing value, etc.
  2. Write: Writing skills can help you achieve an edge over your competition, so continually reinforce them – write an article, write an opinion piece for the newspaper, or just write in a journal. It is surprising how much you can stand out in a crowd with effective writing skills.
  3. Find a mentor: This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to learn what “works” and build your skill sets – and it can be quite enjoyable as well.
  4. Teach: Teaching is often the best way to learn – and you are providing value at the same time.
  5. Experiences: Expand your experiences. Book a trip to a different country, learn a new
    language, sign up for a course outside of your typical area of expertise, try a new role at work, etc.