Originally published on ExpertClick on July 1, 2014

Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group and known as The Manufacturing ConnectorTM, celebrates her 100th newsletter, Profit Through PeopleTM and her 10th year in business by releasing a list of best practices, strategies and tips for manufacturers, distributors and supply chain managers. This compilation of elite ideas was featured in past issues of Profit Through PeopleTM and focus on LMA Consulting’s key success areas of Eagle Eye Strategic Focus, Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain,  Systems Pragmatist and Profit through People.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years in business than to share with the manufacturing and supply chain community the 100 best practices and tips I’ve learned over the duration of my career and while consulting,” says Anderson, who also been recognized as the 16th most influential in supply chain management by SAP.  “My goal from the start of my business was to help my clients, and industry in general,  to elevate business performance by linking processes, people and priorities in the supply chain.  I think my top 100 is a great way for any business to kick start improvements!”

The complete list of the Top 100 Tips, Best Practices and Strategies is available on the LMA Consulting Group’s Website and as a downloadable PDF. Also follow Lisa on Twitter to regularly receive Top 100 Tips Tweets as a continuous reminder of how to elevate your performance.

About Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. is a leading expert in bridging the gap between supply chain strategy and execution to dramatically improve service levels, accelerate cash flow, and maximize profits. She was ranked 16 most influential in supply chain by SAP and is known as ‘The Manufacturing Connector’ as she connects the people, processes, and systems to align them with strategy and the end-to-end supply chain. With a keen focus on elevating business performance, Lisa is passionate about not only synthesizing strategic priorities that will deliver business results but also in designing an implementation approach that delivers rapid results.

A sought-after writer and speaker, Lisa has spoken at the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, the APICS International Conference and as a visiting lecturer at the University of Southern California’s Entrepreneurial Program. Lisa is the author of “Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results,” has published hundreds of articles and has been quoted in the media including The Wall Street Journal, ABC News and Industry Week.

With a blend of management, finance and operations, Lisa received her MBA with an emphasis in Finance from California State University Fullerton and her BSBA with an emphasis in Operations Management from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.