Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting Group has introduced Supply Chain Chats, a video and interview series that will provide insights, ideas and innovation to address current supply chain issues.

“The supply chain has been in chaos for over two years. Disruptions began pre-pandemic. Then, the pandemic caused all kinds of derailments due to closures, supplies, labor and transportation issues. And just when things were starting to become controlled chaos, the Russia-Ukraine war broke out. As we have seen, a sneeze in one part of the supply chain can cause pneumonia in others,” Ms. Anderson commented.

There are no easy solutions. No easy fixes. Every supply chain is unique because the suppliers, materials, customer requirements and end-user needs are different. “Every single link within the supply chain has to work with the others. And each link has an intricate number of pieces that must fit together smoothly – they are co-dependent on each other.  While each supply chain is different, the pieces that must fit together are similar. We see the same problems across many industries. And sometimes solutions are obvious. But because of the tornado of chaos, it is hard to recognize them. That is why I decided to introduce Supply Chain Chats. I want to help manufacturing and supply chain professionals, along with senior management understand the why and learn how other firms are mitigating the fallout, “ she said.

Every day new issues challenge the supply chain. Supply Chain Chats will address these topics as they relate to the global supply chain and how these impact manufacturers, distributors and transportation and logistics partners.

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