There is no doubt we are struggling with volatility in the supply chain. Inflation is the hot topic on one hand with rising prices, difficulty in finding people, wage inflation and much more. Yet on the other hand, there are increasing concerns about deflation and a potential recession and how companies should respond.

What are the current trends and what is the latest thinking on which scenario is more likely and how it will impact the supply chain throughout the world? What are the most successful companies doing to successfully prepare for both inflation and deflation? Our expert panel of global manufacturing and supply chain consultants will discuss the current state of inflation/ deflation, what our best clients are doing differently and will discuss and debate strategies to thrive no matter what comes next in this volatile environment.

Meet the panelists.

July 21, 2022
Inflation, Deflation, What to Do?
Europe/North America Perspectives

July 27, 2022
Inflation, Deflation, What to Do?
Pac Rim/North America Perspectives