I’ve noticed that during the “new normal”, there are countless numbers of priorities, and everyone is struggling with how to effectively manage time. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus this month’s tips on this subject.

  1. Rigorous prioritization: My favorite! It sounds easier than it is in the midst of daily routine. Constantly take a step back and consider priorities, impacts of the priorities, try out alternatives, re-prioritize – and repeat. Don’t get caught up in what is easy or enjoyable. Remember your end goal. This is undoubtedly #1 to success.
  2. Keep lists: Why try to remember everything and keep it straight in your mind? Instead, a simple list can achieve wonders. I’ve found that high tech doesn’t necessarily lead to success in this respect. A pad of paper and pen with a visible list is all you need.
  3. Practice saying “no”: Easy to say; hard to do. However, it is critical that you find a way to politely decline taking on too many items and especially “C” priorities which are least important to your end goal.
  4. Organize & categorize: Instead of random lists and priorities, organize and categorize them. It will yield interesting insights.
  5. Track progress: What are you getting done? Is the list longer? Shorter? Achievable? Review and adjust as appropriate.