The holidays are always a crazy time. It seems no different this year. If anything, people will be even busier, as they want to make up for lost time during the recession and be prepared to ensure a prosperous 2010.

  1. Remember your relationships: It’s easy to get so busy that you go through the motions. Remember, relationships are #1 to business and personal success. The holidays are a good time to nurture them.
  2. Don’t plan to 100%: By this, I mean do not plan every hour of your day. Instead, intentionally set aside time between meetings and calls. This allows for the unexpected – during the holidays, the unexpected should be expected (and planned). Give yourself time to breathe.
  3. Find a way to help someone each day: If one of your goals is to find a way to help someone or provide value to someone, you’ll not only enjoy the holidays more but you’ll also make a difference.
  4. Look at the bright side: Everyone has the relative or friend who jumps immediately to the worst possible conclusion or meaning of an innocuous statement. Instead, think positive first. I’ve found it to be rare that the negative meaning was intended yet it creates havoc. Jump to the positive!
  5. A daily compliment: Be on the lookout for people and actions to compliment. You’ll be surprised how searching for someone to compliment each day will improve your holiday season – and theirs.